Before You I Never Thought To Give A Fuck
Hello :), My name is Celia. 20 years of age. Just trying to figure out who I am. Unapologetically flirtatious, Interested in a little bit of everything. I love working out, bit of a heath nut, also a vegetarian. Music is life, I honestly don't know where I would be without it. All I want is to be happy .

We're not normal. We're not average. We're freaks. Outsiders. Strangers. But we like it that way. I like strangers like me...




I have a foot long of gum here and I planning on eating it all at once right now


this was a terrible idea



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Stay motivated and follow






if you, as a man, are so annoyed that women see you as a threat why don’t you correct the behaviour of your fellow men?

do they cat-call women? tell them to stop.

do they touch women without their consent? tell them to stop.

do they make rape jokes?…

Are you SURE that is the fucking golden example you want to use????

You won’t help a female being attacked by a violent group of men because that group would attack you?

Thanks for the help.

What do you want? You’re obviously out for you and only you so stay coward and stay face down on the ground. Don’t speak to me again.

I specifically said I would help ONLY if she’s being physically attacked, because then the personal risk would be worth it if there’s a chance to save her life.

Other than that, why should I risk my safety?

And to answer that, you misrepresented what I said and called me a “coward.”

Thank you for confirming my suspicions.


Anyone who deems a woman’s safety to be defended as a “case-by-case basis” isn’t a human of value.

I don’t care about your single ass or your “suspicions”

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An old set of taxidermied boxing squirrels was found in the back of a closet at a Goodyear Tires headquarters. Their value was estimated at $300, but they sold at an auction for $70,000.   Source

I wish that I could be like the cool kids, ‘Cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in.

I think even my Sims are surprised with the aliens they birthed